The holidays are well on their way and we couldn’t be more excited! While you’re getting ready for the festivities, don’t forget that theft is still a possibility at this wonderful time. And it’s not only at home that theft is a big threat. In fact, theft at small businesses often peaks during the holidays, leaving devastated business owners in its wake.

But today, we’re going to share some strategies for preventing theft not just at home, but at your business too.

Preventing Theft at Businesses and Homes

Here are some of our best tips for avoiding becoming a victim of theft while you’re celebrating:

· Get home security devices: Can’t think of what to add to your Christmas list? Security devices can be a great gift and a huge help when it comes to protecting your home and your business. You might even go for smart home technology so you can always keep an eye on your home or business from your phone.

· Avoid updating your plans on social media: If you’re going to be away from your home over the holidays, try waiting until you get home to tell the internet. Burglars will often use your social media updates to plan their break ins. The same goes for announcing extended closures at your business when the property won’t be occupied.

· Take your ladder down after decorating: Believe it or not, keeping your ladder up is like an invitation to thieves. It helps them to gain access to your home so be sure to put yours away after the lights are up.

· Close your curtains: Before you go to bed at night or if you’re going to be away, close your curtains. The less potential thieves can see into your home or business while you’re not there paying attention the better.

· Keep an inventory list: It’s always good to make a habit out of creating and updating an inventory list of the things in your home and business. This can help you to identify what was taken in the event a break in happens.

Other Ways to Protect Your Business and Home

These strategies are a great place to start. But don’t overlook the importance of insurance for protecting your home and business! Call us today so we can start finding home and business insurance in Fargo and Moorhead that works for you.