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428 25th St. S.
Fargo, ND 58103

About us

We are an independent Insurance Agency capable of handling all of your personal and business insurance.

Being an independent insurance agency allows us to search through our network of trusted, top-rated carriers to find the best policy solutions for your specific needs, all at the most competitive rates available. This is just one way we prioritize doing the right thing for our valuable clients, and building trust one customer at a time. We don’t work for an insurance company – we work for you.

Whether you need life insurance, auto, personal health insurance, disability, workers comp in Minnesota, contractor packages, commercial auto, or farm policies, our agents have the proven experience to field all your insurance needs – and save you money in the process. With our comprehensive approach and commitment to serving your values, Fargo-Moorhead Insurance will be the trusted partner in securing your family’s dreams.

“We put the Sure in Insurance”

We want our clients to be assured of the coverage and care they receive.

  • Sure that they have the right coverage for themselves and their property
  • Sure of the financial strength and stability of their insurance company
  • Sure that they receive the service they need and deserve
  • Sure that their problems are handled quickly and efficiently
  • Sure of the commitment and caliber of their agent

A personal message

“Whenever new technology comes along, I’m reminded of how much the insurance business has changed over the last 30-plus years. I’m sincere when I say I’m not complaining, because technology has allowed us to provide more services in a more efficient manner than ever before. People understand more because they have access to more information, and that’s always a good thing. This explosion of available information has changed our industry for the better.
Although the way we do business has evolved, there’s one thing that simply can’t be altered: the necessity of a good agent. There’s a personal empathy, a real understanding of life’s challenges that can’t be duplicated by a computer. I’ve always loved the fact that the people we serve live in our hometown. I’m as likely to run into a customer at a ball game or in a restaurant as I am in the office. It’s a good feeling knowing that our customers, our friends and our neighbors are one in the same. I wouldn’t want it any other way.
We’ll continue to use the latest technological tools to deliver efficient service to clients just like you, but one thing you can count on: Fargo Moorhead Insurance will always be about people meeting the needs of people. You have my word on it.”

Greg Miller, President
Fargo Moorhead Insurance