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Because it’s not just a house…it’s your home.

One of the most basic aspects of “home” is a sense of security, stability, and the assurance that your family shares a place that will be there for you. While all policies offer some protection, they can (and should) do more than just cover the basics: they should help preserve your heritage.

At Fargo Moorhead Insurance we’re working every day to provide families the best home insurance rates for the best possible coverage – one that’s right for your needs in North Dakota and Minnesota.

Let the professionals at Fargo Moorhead Insurance take care of all your home insurance needs. We’ll be happy to review your current policy to point out any specific exclusions and limits that could negatively affect you and your family.

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    What does home insurance cover?

    Most home insurance policies cover fire, theft, vandalism, storm damage, liability insurance, and more. There are a number of policy add-ons homeowners can choose from depending on their unique home and the risks they face, and we look forward to discussing these options with you when you call us for a free quote.

    Depending on the unique home insurance policy you purchase, there are policies available to protect all kinds of personal properties, including:

    Z Homes
    Z Rental property
    Z Townhomes
    Z Apartments
    Z Condos
    Z Mobile Homes
    Z Vacant Homes
    Z Homes under construction
    Z Fire Policies
    Z Umbrella
    Z Flood
    Z Jewelry, artwork, special collections, etc.

    Did you know that while most policies insure both your place of residence and its contents, there are limits to what they cover? Many have long lists of exemptions, with fixed limits on the amount of coverage for your most personal belongings such as jewelry, computer files, art, and electronics. There’s so much more security your policy can and should provide.

    How much home insurance coverage do I need in Fargo?

    The right amount of home insurance coverage is different for every homeowner. Generally speaking, you want at least enough coverage to include the rebuild cost of your home in the event it was completely destroyed.

    However, if you have additional structures on your property, unique liability concerns, or special collections, you will want to consider adding additional coverage to your home insurance policy to ensure you’re covered from every angle. Rest assured, we’ll help you take all of these considerations into account and ensure you have the perfect policy for your situation.

    Which home insurance discounts am I eligible for?

    Put us to work for you!

    There are a number of home insurance discounts that might apply to you. When you call us to discuss your coverage, we’ll get to know you and determine which of these discounts you might be eligible for, including multi-policy discounts, bundling discounts, smart home technology discounts, and many more. If you have been a client for a long time, you could also be eligible for loyalty discounts, and we look forward to discussing these options with you.

    Are you insuring multiple properties or do you need multiple policies for different assets? Ask us about our Multi-Policy Discounts!

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