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Get solid protection for your life & livelihood with farm insurance in Fargo Moorhead.

For farm owners, uncertainty comes with the territory, depending on the changing weather and unpredictable yields of crops and livestock. Allow Fargo Moorhead Insurance to provide stability and peace of mind for the assets your family livelihood depends on each and every day. Your home, farm buildings, machinery, produce, livestock, and farm equipment are the backbone of your business, and your policy needs to protect these assets from accidental damage.

Today, farm lawsuits are as common as rain, so having solid farm liability insurance is as important as having a roof on your home. You only have to look as far as the newspaper to see that protection against liability isn’t an option: it’s a necessity.

Offering sound advice, solid understanding, and cost-effective solutions, Fargo Moorhead Insurance will stand with you through those times of need. Don’t wait for accidents to strike without having the proper protection. Call us today, and one of our friendly agents will be happy to assist you with a farm insurance policy tailored to your needs.

For your farm, your family, and your future: Fargo Moorhead Insurance.

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    Farm insurance coverage options

    No two farms are exactly the same, which means their insurance needs won’t be either. Depending on the type of farm you run, these are some of the farm insurance options that might be right for you:

    Z Machinery & Equipment
    Z Livestock
    Z Property
    Z Casualty
    Z Liability

    What kind of insurance does a farmer need?

    This depends on the type of farm you operate and the specific risks facing your farm and your property. Most farmers benefit from farm property insurance, which provides them financial compensation if their farm property (including machinery and equipment) is damaged or destroyed. When the cost of repairing or replacing this property is covered, it often makes the difference between a farm recovering from catastrophic events or going under.

    Farm property insurance is just one important type of coverage, however. Many farmers will also benefit from livestock insurance as well as casualty and liability insurance. Farms face more legal risks than ever before, and without adequate liability coverage, they face hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in liability risks.

    Whether you run a big farm, a small farm, or a hobby farm, it’s important to consider all of your assets and liability when considering your approach to insurance coverage. Your policy needs to take into account your unique circumstances and make sure everything is protected with insurance for:

    Z Your home and its contents
    Z Your farm property
    Z Machinery and equipment
    Z Livestock
    Z Additional farm structures on your property
    Z Income
    Z Produce
    Z Farm vehicles

    What kind of risks do farmers face?

    Running a farm is an inherently risky job, especially without adequate insurance coverage in place.

    These are just some of the common risks farm owners and employees face that insurance helps protect you and your business from:

    Z Production risks
    Z Financial risks
    Z Legal risks
    Z Environmental risks (including extreme weather risks)
    Z Marketing risks
    Z Labor and safety risks

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