FARGO: (701) 271-8110
428 25th St. S.
Fargo, ND 58103

Companies We Represent

Just a few of the companies we represent are shown below.
Please call or contact us if the information you need is not listed.

Billing Contact Number:888-723-3260
Claims Contact Number:800-332-3226

Billing Contact Number:800-876-5581
Claims Contact Number:800-274-4499

Billing Contact Number:800-362-2041
Claims Contact Number:877-467-2252

Billing Contact Number:800-342-4254
Claims Contact Number:800-342-4254

Billing Contact Number:800-242-7666
Claims Contact Number:800-242-7666

Billing Contact Number:800-447-2295
Claims Contact Number:888-362-2255

Billing Contact Number:800-526-4252
Claims Contact Number:866-324-7952

Billing Contact Number:800-252-2268
Claims Contact Number:800-238-6225

Billing Contact Number:800-233-1880
Claims Contact Number:800-223-5994

Billing Contact Number:800-362-1075
Claims Contact Number:800-362-1075

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