You know an umbrella as the handy contraption that keeps you dry in the rain, but do you know what umbrella insurance in Fargo-Moorhead is? You’ll find out in today’s post!

What is Umbrella Insurance?

You can think of umbrella insurance as a type of insurance that provides a substantial amount of coverage for everything from your savings to your future income. It’s an additional insurance that’s offered on top of the standard insurance policy many people have.

Examples of Umbrella Insurance

Here are some examples of the way umbrella insurance works:

  • Your spouse is driving and accidentally hits the gas instead of the brakes: If this is to happen and serious damage is caused your auto insurance coverage will meet its limit. Umbrella insurance can help to pay for the remaining damages on top of what regular insurance can provide.
  • You injure someone in an ATV collision: If you are to hurt someone while driving an ATV and are found liable then umbrella insurance will be a huge help.
  • You’re boating and hit another high speed boat: Accidents on the water can be incredibly costly, not to mention cause a lot of injury. If your liability limits are met under your watercraft coverage, umbrella insurance will help to take care of anything over and above.
  • A minor gets into your liquor cabinet: It may be worth keeping a lock on your cabinet because if a minor is to get into it, you could be in deep water if that minor is to get in an accident. Situations like these are made a lot easier with umbrella insurance.

Simply put, umbrella insurance helps to make sure you’re protected from every angle! Whether it comes to your vehicles, your home, your family, your business, or anything in between, this type of comprehensive protection brings a lot of peace of mind. 

Learn More About Your Coverage Options

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