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Top Add-ons Available with Your Car Insurance

Tuesday, September 11th, 2018

When shopping for car insurance in Fargo-Moorhead, most people look at price and liability coverage. Second is the amount of comprehensive and collision insurance they need. In addition to the basic coverage, many insurance agencies offer additional products and add-ons. Some are beneficial while others may not be necessary for your situation.

Gap Insurance

If you finance a vehicle, you may be offered gap insurance through the finance company. It pays the difference between the value of the vehicle and what you owe if your vehicle is totaled in an accident. Your car insurance provider may also offer this coverage and at a lower price. It’s worth considering so the next time you buy a vehicle, talk to your Fargo car insurance agent and find out the cost.

Roadside Assistance

Most insurance providers offer roadside assistance if you are stranded on the highway somewhere. It usually includes towing service and other assistance, such as providing gas and changing tires. This is a valuable add-on to include at a minimal cost on your policy. The only time you might want to skip the coverage is if you have it with the warranty on your new vehicle.

Rental Reimbursement

Another add-on is for a rental car if your vehicle is in a body shop after a covered accident. If you absolutely must have a vehicle, you’ll need a rental car until yours is repaired. If the accident is someone else’s fault, their insurance policy pays for your rental vehicle. If it’s a no-fault accident, you’ll need to pay for it or have your insurance cover the expense. Some repair companies include a loaner vehicle at no charge. You should also know that this benefit won’t work if your car is in the shop for other types of repairs.

Accidental Death Insurance

Some insurance companies provide this benefit which may also be known as funeral coverage. It can pay for your funeral expenses if you’re involved in a car accident. If you have life insurance, you won’t need this coverage, but it might come in handy if you don’t carry a life insurance policy.

Vanishing Deductible

To save money on car insurance, many people choose a higher deductible. When they must file a claim, they have to pay out that amount before the insurance provider will make a payment. It can be difficult to come up with $500 or more for some drivers. A vanishing deductible can give you the best of both worlds. You pay a lower rate because you choose a higher deductible, but it decreases over time until you have none. The only requirement is you must maintain a clean driving record to qualify for the lower deductible.

Add-ons are one reason it’s a good idea to talk to an insurance agent rather than just getting online quotes. You might discover you need more coverage than just the basics. It’s best to determine the right amount of coverage, including add-ons, before you need to file a claim.

Tips to Help You Switch Car Insurance if You Live in the Fargo Moorhead Area

Monday, August 13th, 2018

If you’re looking to switch car insurance in Fargo, you need to know the right steps to take. Here are some tips to help you make that change while ensuring you stay covered at all times.

Find the Best Deal

You’re probably looking for a new insurer for cheaper rates or for better customer service. Make sure you shop around so you know you’re getting the best deal. While you can save money with a different insurer, you also can cut your rates through loyalty discounts by staying with the same company for a long time. You don’t want to make moves at every renewal. Do your comparison shopping so you know you have the best rate possible.

Sign Up for New Insurance

Sign up for the new policy before you drop your current one. Make sure you know when the new policy will take effect. Most will begin coverage within one or two days as long as payment has been made. You also have the option of setting your coverage date if you want to wait until your current policy expires. You’ll want to have proof of insurance in your vehicle with the new policy once it takes effect.

Cancel Your Old Policy

You definitely don’t want to pay for two insurance policies, so call the old one and cancel. It usually takes a day or two for the policy to expire after notification. You may even have to pay out the rest of the period. Check with your insurer so you know when your coverage will end.

Make Sure All Claims are Finished

If you have an outstanding claim, you might want to wait to switch companies until it’s taken care of. Even though the insurer must cover you for any damage sustained during your policy period, you might find you get better results if you’re a current policyholder.

Check Other Products for Additional Savings

Once you switch your car insurance in Fargo, you may want to look at other insurance products as well. You may find you want to change your home insurance provider to the new company as well for the multi-product discount. Some insurance agencies offer life insurance, business insurance and other products. Usually the more insurance you have with one agency, the more you save. If you decide to change your car insurance provider because of the savings, you may want to look at other options as well.

It’s About More than Savings

Remember that car insurance is about more than just the rates. You want to find an agent who you can go to when you have questions or concerns. You want a provider that will process claims in a timely manner. They should make the claims process easier and less frustrating. If you’re considering switching to a new insurance provider, make sure you think about more than just the price. You want to find an agency that will work with you to meet your needs for coverage.