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Preventing Floods in Commercial Properties

Monday, April 6th, 2020

Do you own a commercial property? As a business owner, you need to be prepared for flooding and other disastrous events your business could face. 

Unfortunately, commercial properties can be especially vulnerable to flooding, especially if they are left unattended for long periods of time. Once commercial properties are flooded, you risk major financial losses. These losses can result not only from structural issues, but also from merchandise, inventory, and other property being damaged. 

Luckily, with the help of business insurance and flood insurance you can help protect yourself from many of these losses. 

But taking steps to prevent floods—or at least extensive flood damage—from happening in the first place is a crucial part of protecting your commercial property. 

Here are some of the steps you can take to prevent water damage in your commercial property.

Add water sensors 

These handy devices can alert you right away if there’s water on the floor or in other areas of your commercial property. They can alert you via your smartphone device immediately, so even if you’re away from the property, you can put a plan into place for dealing with the flooding right away. Basic devices can cost less than $10, but you can also purchase more advanced technology if you’d like. 

Waterproof important documents 

Using waterproof boxes to store essential physical documents you need to have on hand at your business AND your home is always recommened. Whenever possible, be sure to keep extra copies in secure secondary locations too. 

Have a plan in place

Flooding tends to come on suddenly, so having a plan in place ahead of time is the best course of action. Make sure your employees know exactly what to do with sensitive documents and equipment if your property starts flooding. Inform them about who they should call and any other steps they should follow at the same time. 

Are you interested in learning about all of your commercial insurance options for protecting your business? Give Fargo Moorhead Insurance a call today so we can help find the right coverage for you!