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Insider Tips for Saving Money on Car Insurance

Wednesday, May 1st, 2019

Insider knowledge can be incredibly useful in several situations, and this is especially true when it comes to saving money on car insurance! When you speak with an insurance insider, they’ll provide you with all sorts of helpful tips for saving money on your policy.

At Fargo Moorhead Insurance, we’ve been providing our clients with excellent insurance coverage and options since 1    972. If that doesn’t make us insiders, what does? That’s why we’ve put together some of our most useful insider tips for saving money on car insurance to help you get the best deal possible.

Consider the Cost of Insuring a Vehicle Before Buying It

Let’s say you’ve fallen in love with a certain vehicle and you bought it without considering what it might cost to insure. In that case, it’s usually too late or too much work to return the vehicle. That’s why we always encourage drivers to look into insuring a certain vehicle BEFORE buying it. This way they’ll have an idea of what they might pay for coverage each month and decide if that works with their budget.

Take an Accredited Safe Driving Course

While you may have to make an initial investment in the course, many drivers aren’t aware that by completing an accredited safe driving course they might be eligible for a discount on their auto insurance policy!

Raise Your Deductible

If you’d like to pay a little less each month in exchange for paying slightly more out of pocket in the event of a claim, raising your deductible can be an excellent option for saving money on car insurance. If you have a $500 deductible right now, consider changing it to $1000 and speak to your provider about what that could look like for lowering your monthly premium.

Bundle Your Policies

Most insurance companies offer discounts when their clients bundle their policies. For you, that could look like combining your home and auto insurance policies. In many cases, this results in excellent money-saving opportunities!

Four Things You Should Know About Collision Insurance

Monday, April 1st, 2019

When you purchase auto insurance, you’ll be presented with a variety of coverage options, and deciding which ones you need can be overwhelming. Although there are certain legal minimums all auto insurance policies must include in every state, there are also optional additions that are incredibly beneficial to most drivers.

One of the types of optional coverage you’ll hear the most about is collision coverage. To help give you a better idea of what might be right for you, we’ve compiled a list of things you should know about collision insurance.

What is Collision Insurance?

This type of car insurance protects you if your car is damaged from a collision with another vehicle or an object like a mailbox or a fence. It applies whether you’re at fault for the accident or not.

What Does Collision Insurance Cover?

  • Collisions with other vehicles
  • Collisions with objects or animals
  • Single-vehicle accidents, including rollovers

What Isn’t Covered by Collision Insurance?

  • Another vehicle’s damage (that’s where liability insurance comes in)
  • Yours or another driver’s medical bills. This is where medical expenses coverage is used instead.
  • Damage to your vehicle from something other than a collision, like a falling object or vandalism. Comprehensive insurance is used for these situations instead.

Do I Need Collision Insurance?

If you lease or finance your vehicle, the lender almost always requires that the driver has collision insurance to protect their investment. If you own your vehicle and it is less than 10 years old or worth more than $3,000, it is almost always encouraged for drivers to buy collision insurance.

Another good rule of thumb for deciding if you need collision insurance is to ask yourself if you could afford to replace your vehicle on your own if it were destroyed in a collision. If the answer is no, collision insurance is probably a wise choice!

Our clients are almost always surprised at how affordable collision coverage can be! Contact us today if you’d like to learn about policy options that suit your needs and budget.

Top Add-ons Available with Your Car Insurance

Tuesday, September 11th, 2018

When shopping for car insurance in Fargo-Moorhead, most people look at price and liability coverage. Second is the amount of comprehensive and collision insurance they need. In addition to the basic coverage, many insurance agencies offer additional products and add-ons. Some are beneficial while others may not be necessary for your situation.

Gap Insurance

If you finance a vehicle, you may be offered gap insurance through the finance company. It pays the difference between the value of the vehicle and what you owe if your vehicle is totaled in an accident. Your car insurance provider may also offer this coverage and at a lower price. It’s worth considering so the next time you buy a vehicle, talk to your Fargo car insurance agent and find out the cost.

Roadside Assistance

Most insurance providers offer roadside assistance if you are stranded on the highway somewhere. It usually includes towing service and other assistance, such as providing gas and changing tires. This is a valuable add-on to include at a minimal cost on your policy. The only time you might want to skip the coverage is if you have it with the warranty on your new vehicle.

Rental Reimbursement

Another add-on is for a rental car if your vehicle is in a body shop after a covered accident. If you absolutely must have a vehicle, you’ll need a rental car until yours is repaired. If the accident is someone else’s fault, their insurance policy pays for your rental vehicle. If it’s a no-fault accident, you’ll need to pay for it or have your insurance cover the expense. Some repair companies include a loaner vehicle at no charge. You should also know that this benefit won’t work if your car is in the shop for other types of repairs.

Accidental Death Insurance

Some insurance companies provide this benefit which may also be known as funeral coverage. It can pay for your funeral expenses if you’re involved in a car accident. If you have life insurance, you won’t need this coverage, but it might come in handy if you don’t carry a life insurance policy.

Vanishing Deductible

To save money on car insurance, many people choose a higher deductible. When they must file a claim, they have to pay out that amount before the insurance provider will make a payment. It can be difficult to come up with $500 or more for some drivers. A vanishing deductible can give you the best of both worlds. You pay a lower rate because you choose a higher deductible, but it decreases over time until you have none. The only requirement is you must maintain a clean driving record to qualify for the lower deductible.

Add-ons are one reason it’s a good idea to talk to an insurance agent rather than just getting online quotes. You might discover you need more coverage than just the basics. It’s best to determine the right amount of coverage, including add-ons, before you need to file a claim.

Avoid Common Mistakes When Shopping for Cheap Car Insurance in Fargo

Saturday, September 8th, 2018

If you’re on the search for cheap car insurance in Fargo, you may search online for auto insurance quotes. Many people simply select the lowest price and sign up for a policy. However, you may regret being so hasty with your decision. Here are some common mistakes you’ll want to avoid when you’re looking for the best deal.

Assuming the Lowest Price is the Cheapest

Not all car insurance providers offer the exact same products. When you see the prices, you may assume its all for one level of coverage. However, this isn’t always the case. While all insurance providers must give you the minimum coverage required by law, they don’t need to be the same. One agency may offer a higher level of coverage for their base policy, which could make them show a higher price even if they are less costly.

When looking at car insurance quotes, make sure you check the coverage you’re getting. Then, when you select a policy, you know you’re getting the best deal.

Choosing the Basic Policy

If price is your top concern, you may click on the provider that gives you the cheapest car insurance. However, that may not be the best option for your needs. The basic policy will make it legal to drive in the state, but it may not be enough to protect you if you’re in a serious accident.

It’s often better to talk to an insurance agent directly than to just get online quotes. The agent will offer you a quote and explain which product they believe is best for you and why. They won’t try to sell you on the most expensive because they want you to be a long-term customer. However, they will attempt to provide guidance on the right coverage for your unique situation.

Not Factoring in Add-ons

Your car breaks down and you’re at least 25 miles from home. You don’t have roadside assistance on your vehicle so you have to pay for a tow truck to take your vehicle to a shop for repairs. Then, the repair person tells you it will take a week to get the parts and make the repair, all the time you’re without a car to get around.

You could prevent this scenario if you had roadside assistance and rental car reimbursement with your car insurance policy. When shopping for cheap car insurance, you may only think about basic coverage, but the add-ons could save you a lot of money in the long run. If you must pay out of pocket for all these extras, it can really add up. With a tight budget, you may not be able to afford it. At the very least, it will be an added inconvenience in an already stressful situation. Evaluate the available add-ons and consider if they will be helpful in the future. Most add-ons aren’t very expensive.

Avoid these common mistakes the next time you’re searching for Fargo car insurance and get the best deal on your policy.