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Important Maintenance Tasks for Restaurants in Fargo-Moorhead

Restaurant owners in Fargo-Moorhead and across the country have faced a number of challenges over the past year and a half. Many have dealt with frequent and lengthy closures, staff shortages, and implementing new safety protocols and equipment. Understandably, this means many of the regular maintenance tasks restaurants require might not have been prioritized when so many other things were going on. 

The problem is, without proper maintenance, this can leave restaurant owners vulnerable to financial loss if they need to make a commercial insurance claim. 

Important Restaurant Maintenance Tasks

Many losses aren’t covered if they are deemed the result of a lack of regular maintenance. As such, this means your damages might not be covered in the event of a commercial insurance claim. With that in mind, let’s go over some of the regular restaurant maintenance tasks to be sure you’re up to date! 

HVAC and Refrigeration 

Preventative maintenance should be performed at least every three months. This means tasks like checking the motors, changing the filters, cleaning condenser coils, checking temperature control settings.


On at least a semi-annual basis, be sure to perform drain flushing and hot water tank maintenance.

Grease Traps 

Depending on the food your restaurant serves, maintenance schedules can vary and may need to be done on a weekly or monthly schedule. This includes the collection and recycling of grease trap waste by pumping or vacuuming and changing grease trap gasket.

Equipment Maintenance 

Make sure your equipment is inspected every three months and preventative maintenance is performed just as often. This includes equipment cleaning, checking the pilot lights (flame), and testing equipment.

Pest Control

Depending on where your business operates, there are different requirements for regular pest control. This is mandatory, as required by your local food safety regulatory authorities. This type of maintenance and prevention program includes preventing pests from entering properties, detecting and eliminating pests, and preventing food contamination.

Learn More About Commercial Insurance in Fargo-Moorhead

We’ve talked about some of the most important maintenance tasks you need to keep up with as a restaurant owner. But don’t forget another critical task: ensuring your restaurant is protected with adequate business insurance! If you’d like to learn more about this coverage, contact Fargo-Moorhead Insurance today so we can help. 

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