If you babysit for a living or for extra income, are there any home insurance considerations you need to keep in mind? For example, if you’re babysitting a child and they are injured, will your personal liability insurance cover any associated medical costs? These are topics we’re going to discuss in today’s post, so if you’re a babysitter or planning to hire one, don’t miss it!

Babysitting & Home Insurance

For starters, you may be surprised to know there are some risks to consider when it comes to babysitting and your insurance. As a babysitter, you might not always be protected under your policy. Because babysitting is technically a business in which case you’ll be collecting money in exchange for your services, it can change things up when it comes to insurance coverage. 

Your home insurance will usually offer personal liability protection. So, if someone is to get hurt or have their personal property damaged under normal (AKA not business-related) circumstances, you’re likely to be covered. This liability protection normally won’t help you when it comes to anything that happens related to work or your business – including babysitting. In that case, if the child’s parents sued you for damages, your basic home insurance might not help.

Business Insurance for Babysitters

So what can you do to ensure you’re protected by your insurance as a babysitter? Consider getting additional business or liability insurance! That way, if a child you’re babysitting gets hurt while under your care, your insurance will be able to help cover the costs.

Additional Information

Business insurance isn’t the only way to protect yourself from financial risk as a babysitter. There are also a number of other things you can do to keep not only yourself safe, but also the children you care for. To begin with, you’ll want to be sure to stay up to date with your first aid certifications, as well as taking childcare courses. Be sure to speak with your insurance company in Fargo Moorhead to discuss your options and find out which ones are going to be best for you and your needs!