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What Does Home Insurance Cover in Fargo?

Home Insurance in Fargo

What does home insurance typically cover in Fargo ? Many homeowners couldn’t answer this question even though they have a policy for their property. They may have never read the policy and just got whatever the minimum was they could. However, it is important to know the answer to this question so you can be prepared if you have to file a claim sometime.

Basic Coverage

If you opt for a basic homeowners’ policy which is also known as an HO-1 policy, it protects your home and contents if they are damaged by one of a few situations:

  •         Fire
  •         Hail
  •         Lightning
  •         Wind
  •         Riots
  •         Explosion
  •         Smoke
  •         Vandalism
  •         Theft
  •         Aircraft and other vehicles
  •         Civil commotion
  •         Erupting volcano

Not every policy will cover all of these, and some states won’t allow this type of policy. The standard type of policy for most homeowners is the HO-2 policy, which includes everything from HO-1, plus several other things, like falling objects, flooding from appliances or plumbing, and broken glass.

With an HO-2 policy, your home is covered from anything that is not specifically excluded in the document. This can give you more peace of mind because unusual and bizarre things can happen to anyone.

Liability Coverage

Another important component to home insurance is personal liability. This coverage pays for medical costs if someone has an accident on your property and is injured. It will pay for their medical care up to the limit of the policy.

This coverage also pays for legal fees if the other person decides to sue you. It will take care of court costs and even the awarded amount as long as it’s under the limit. This is one reason it’s important to think carefully about your coverage limits when you sign up for a policy.

Temporary Living Expenses

If a disaster strikes your home and makes it unlivable, your policy may pay for you to live elsewhere until your home is repaired. It will cover hotel costs and even food that is above what you would normally buy.

There may be restrictions or limitations on this part of coverage, It’s a good idea to read your policy if you need temporary living arrangements before you book a hotel. There may be a limit to the daily cost or even how long the arrangements can last.

What Home Insurance Doesn’t Cover

Your policy won’t pay for anything that hasn’t been approved or isn’t listed in the document. It may not pay for any repairs you do yourself unless it was a temporary repair to prevent further damage.

If you have questions about your coverage, you need to talk to an insurance agent or adjustor before you take the next step. If it isn’t covered, you’ll be left to pay for the expense on your own. You don’t want to do anything to cause your claim to be denied.

Home insurance is designed to protect you and your home from a variety of unfortunate events. However, it is up to you to insure you have the right amount and kind of coverage.