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Four Things You Should Know About Collision Insurance

When you purchase auto insurance, you’ll be presented with a variety of coverage options, and deciding which ones you need can be overwhelming. Although there are certain legal minimums all auto insurance policies must include in every state, there are also optional additions that are incredibly beneficial to most drivers. One of the types of …
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The Most Common Car Insurance Claims and How to Avoid Them

It’s essential to have a great car insurance policy in place to protect you when incidents arise with your vehicle, but if you can avoid these incidents in the first place, even better! A good way to help prevent needing to make a claim is to know the most common reasons for making a car …
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5 Fire Safety Tips for Apartment Living

Although there are plenty of advantages to living in an apartment, they can take longer to evacuate in the event of an emergency. If a fire breaks out in your apartment, it’s important to have a plan in place for your escape, as well as being aware of strategies for preventing fires in the first …
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Are you a business owner in Casselton, Fargo, West Fargo or other areas of North Dakota?

Fargo Moorhead Insurance offers business owners a variety of unique commercial insurance options to protect yourself, your business, your property, and your employees. Our commercial insurance options include: General liability: This is an incredibly valuable form of insurance for any business to ensure you’re protected from losses associated with injury and property damage.   Professional …
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4 Surprising Things Your Home Insurance Can Cover

If accidents, theft, or damage take place in your home, the last thing you want to worry about is if your home insurance covers certain losses. That’s why figuring out what your home insurance covers ahead of time is so vital for your peace of mind. While basic homeowners insurance policies cover your dwelling from …
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What Does Home Insurance Cover in Fargo?

What does home insurance typically cover in Fargo ? Many homeowners couldn’t answer this question even though they have a policy for their property. They may have never read the policy and just got whatever the minimum was they could. However, it is important to know the answer to this question so you can be …
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How to Protect Your Home from Burglary

Being a victim of burglary is unsettling and downright frightening. Even though you may have property insurance to cover your losses, you don’t want to lose your personal items. Some may be irreplaceable. You can protect your home and reduce the likelihood that you’ll become a statistic. Make Access Difficult Thieves look for easy targets …
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How Does a Traffic Ticket Impact Your Car Insurance?

You see the flashing lights behind you and you slow down to a stop. Your first thought is how this ticket is going to cost you. Then, you think about what it will do to your car insurance rates. It seems like a losing situation all the way around. Which Traffic Tickets are the Worst? …
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Top Add-ons Available with Your Car Insurance

When shopping for car insurance in Fargo-Moorhead, most people look at price and liability coverage. Second is the amount of comprehensive and collision insurance they need. In addition to the basic coverage, many insurance agencies offer additional products and add-ons. Some are beneficial while others may not be necessary for your situation. Gap Insurance If …
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